“When others fall, you stand, when others stand, you lead”

For me, I just wanted everything to be simple. I used to write numerous framework for my projects, all of them had the same ideology,


If I stumbled into a framework/library website that does not provide a sample code, download link, and getting started link on the homepage. Then I won’t bother trying it (unless I specifically had to use it).

I don’t actually enjoy Laravel at the first time, I used to live in an area where internet is a rare resource. So, if there is a tool/language/framework that require me to use internet actively, I’d simply say no. Composer was super slow, NPM is not even better.

But one day I got a project that require me to use Laravel, and I no longer live in remote area, I decided to give Laravel a try. Struggling with setting the project and stuff, but eventually got it up and running (like you, I am used to work in .NET and doesn’t really want to bother with project setup. I mean, in Visual Studio you just click New Project and that’s it).

Now Laravel is what I use daily, and it is really a great framework, I’m glad you followed your own instinct and stopped dealing with the hoops (more like Whoops!).



Building Playtune (https://playtune.app) - Software engineer, writer, designer, and artist.

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