The Mystery of The Fan — Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

To Kill a Mistake

The Mystery of The Fan

From a modified true story.

Jane The Psychic

Patrick Jane — The Mentalist on CBS

To Kill a Mistake

Now, how can we kill a mistake; yet managed to not kill the man that wields it?

Pure Intention

We have to ask ourselves. Is our intention pure? Do we really want to solve the problem and prevent further mistakes from happening again? Or do we really just hate that someone is being ignorant for not turning off the fan? Or do we really just want to finally find a reason to punish someone we didn’t like?


Don’t ever deliver advice in public if it was intended for a certain individual, no one likes it. There might be someone who can handle it, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Hold It

We might let a mistake pass once because we think it is not that bad. But if we waited for it to happen multiple times and we try to give advice then. The other person would backlash.


Don’t start by giving our suggestion on what to do for the advice. But listen to the other person, understand his position and condition and why it happens.

The Resolve of The Mystery

Now that we understand how to kill a mistake, what would happen if we implemented it on the story of the fan?



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