Sense of Control

Aditya Purwa
2 min readMay 23, 2019

Ramadhan is a special month for Moslem. During this special month, adult Moslem, who were healthy; mentally and physically; must fast.

Ramadhan fasting is not just about holding thirst and hunger. Moslem also had to hold their anger, lust, even what words coming out from their mouth.

It is a month when a Moslem is trained to control and own themselves. While it is true, that people say this month is a time for Moslem to sympathize with the poor and feel their struggle. It is more than just that.

Ramadhan fasting happens during the day when the sun is hot and we have a lot of work to do. We needed the energy to stay fresh and fit, but we can’t. At the time when we needed it the most, we were not allowed to eat or drink.

But when the sun goes down, when the air cools, no more work to do, when we really don’t need much energy and could just sleep. We were allowed to eat and drink.

So Ramadhan is not just about holding our hunger and thirst. It is about holding hunger and thirst, at the very time when we needed it the most.

To hold your anger, even if you are in a position to unleash it; that you have the power to do it; and the person you are angry with did wrong you; and that you are capable of acting with your anger. But you choose to stay calm, to not unleash the anger, when you needed it the most.

To finally gain control of yourself -



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