Meat and Cheese

meat and slice of cheese fighting each other on top of a burger, digital art — Dall-E at its finest.

Have you ever eaten a cheeseburger and then noticed that the taste of the meat got subdued by the taste of the cheese? Cheese is a fat, but the kind of fat where the taste coats your tongue and prevent other flavors from seeping in into your tongue. Especially if you are using cheap cheese, the coat might not taste that good and you lose the taste of the other ingredients.

There are multiple ways to solve this, and it all comes to quality.

Using high-quality cheese might help, the kind of cheese that doesn’t coat your tongue and blocks the other flavors. This high-quality cheese might even heighten the flavor, but again, cheese usually lingers on the tongue and you might end up tasting the cheese more.

High-quality meat usually has more fat. That’s why Wagyu is expensive because they have a good amount of fat in the meat. This fat brings a lot of flavors. It might even help pierce the cheese coating on your tongue when it’s warm.

That’s why it is important to have your burger fresh and warm, once it goes cold, the cheese would coat even stronger and the fat of the meat wouldn’t taste as good as well.

Another solution is to abandon cheese altogether, or use it in a small amount and let the meat flavor does its wonders.



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Aditya Purwa

Aditya Purwa

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