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Aditya Purwa
4 min readFeb 13, 2023

Sometimes, I find solace in Google Maps as it doubles as a tool for reminiscing. The street view option provides a glimpse into the past, offering different versions of the same place at different points in time.

There’s this one place that I used to go to a lot with my wife many years ago. They serve delicious ice cream and nice hot spicy noodles. We would work together at this place as it has nice decorations and it feels nice to be there.

This is the story of a particular place, as told by Google Maps. Google Memories. Of Toast Story —

Jan 2015

This place does not exist (yet)

When I looked through Street View, the earliest date available was January 2015. At this time, Toast Story was not here yet. They do have a branch that opens nearby though. It was 15 minutes walking distance from this location. I used to have lunch there during office breaks.

Before they moved to the new place — now this place sells Bubble Tea

It seems they’re planning to move to the new location next month.

Feb 2017

In February 2017, the cafe was already in the new location. You can see, despite the photo being taken in February. They still have the new year banner hanging there. They have a lot of customers based on the motorcycles parked in the front. Here, in Indonesia. The motorcycle is the preferred way to go around as we don’t have a means of good public transport.

Hopes for the new year

Aug 2017

Things have calmed down. If I remembered correctly, this was close to my resignation date from the Singapore software company where I worked at. We would savor the spicy noodle and ice cream, soaking in the warmth of each other’s company. Spicy food is just something that most Indonesian enjoyed eating.

The store doesn’t look as crowded as in the photo above. Maybe it wasn’t lunchtime yet?


Jul 2018

I already moved to work for a local startup in Indonesia. I couldn’t quite remember if we still went to Toast Story as often. However, I do have a picture on my phone that shows me visiting the place in April of that year.

Again, I ordered the green tea ice cream along with the spicy noodle. I wonder if that was my last visit here?


Oct 2019

Goodbye, Toast Story.

Coffee Story

It was closed and replaced with a cafe that focuses on the outdoor coffee experience. I never tried this place, but sometimes when I passed by, I wonder where Toast Story moved to. What does the interior of this coffee shop look like? What did they change?

Mar 2021

Seems the pandemic of 2020 forced the coffee shop to close as well. It was replaced by a smaller coffee stand, I realized I never looked at this side of the street again when passing by.

Beauty and the Beans

Aug 2021

Abandoned, it is now an empty building with no sign of life. I wonder how would it feel to enter this place again. Would I still smell the scent of the spicy noodle? What if I sit on the chair?

If memories lie in the brain, why does it hurt so much in the heart?

Nothing is eternal

Aug 2022

Trashes everywhere. It seems that this place, once attached to fond memories of mine. Is now nothing but a place where people throw their garbage.

What would it be in the future?

I wonder, what would this place be like in the future. Would it be someone's house? Would it be another cafe? Once I’m dead and millennia passed. Would I still miss the spicy noodle there?



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