Cooking The Perfect Instant Noodle With Soup

If you asked me, React or Vue. Then the answer is clearly instant noodles.

Indonesia is famous for its instant noodle, Indomie — which you can find all around the world.

Now it's going to be a rainy season soon in Indonesia, and the best thing that could happen during a cold rainy day is instant noodles, a warm tea, and something spicy.

But how does one make the perfect instant noodle? Fortunately, we can easily answer this question with statistics and data.

Let’s start with running our Jupyter Notebook to analyze the data — just kidding.

We’re not going to do some fancy data science here, just good old “My Statistic, My Data, My Noodle” —

Wait? Isn’t 2 minute-ish time too short? No — the soup is still boiling hot the moment you poured the noodle into the bowl. It will continue cooking a bit but not too much, so you won’t end up with soggy noodles.



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