Building ThatSkyWish — The importance of kindness during hardships

About two years ago, thatgamecompany released Sky: Children of The Light; and it was truly something else.

I remember the first time I played the game; the visuals, the audio, the stories, and the way the game were designed is something new to me.

In the game, you play as a sky kid, a small humanoid figure — with the mission of returning fallen lights to its owner.

The game emphasizes on the journey (pun intended), friendships, kindness, and sacrifices. I met people from all over the world, learned their culture, their languages, and some of their struggle.


It was December 2020 — I was sitting in and having my cup of coffee. I’ve seen how Covid changed our lives; some people lost their beloved ones; some people lost their jobs. It was then I thought to myself, it would be nice to be able to send support to those people.

That’s when I started working on the concept of ThatSkyWish — a place where you can anonymously send a supportive message to anyone. I managed to code the initial prototype but then I stopped working on it as I was busy with work.

Only recently, I managed to finally finish the project.

The intro of ThatSkyWish

The website is available at — Thanks Netlify for providing a superb hosting services.

The primary goal of the website is to spread kindness by sending heartwarming letters to anyone; hoping that our small gesture would turns sadness into smiles; turns the dark sky into a blue one; and turns the cold into warmth.

I personally enjoy opening the website and reading through the letters that people left behind. Some of them were genuinely heartwarming.

Corban — Whoever you are, there’s someone that life were better because of you.

I highly suggest anyone; even if you didn’t or never played thatskygame; to write themselves a letter and leave it scattered amongst the stars. Maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, next year — your letter will reach the person, just like the light of the stars of thousand years ago; eventually reached our eyes.

The constellation of letters — the sign of kindness.

So, spread kindness — even if it’s just a small letter.

So, spread kindness — even if it’s just a small smile.

So, spread kindness — even if it’s just a drop of water.

And stay strong, for every hardship there will be ease — and for every hardship, there will be ease. Here’s for a brighter tomorrow, and may 2022 and onwards be the year of kindness.




Software Engineer at Taxfix ( - Software engineer, writer, designer, and artist.

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Aditya Purwa

Aditya Purwa

Software Engineer at Taxfix ( - Software engineer, writer, designer, and artist.

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